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Scientific knowledge, cooperation with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, technological development and the modern production process, made Juves Laboratories to become one of the leading companies, specialized in aesthetic fillers production.

Thus, the full range of hyaluronic acid FigurHA was designed – with applications in filling and smoothing wrinkles, lips natural augmentation and modeling, facial contouring and SIMETRO – last generation filler, made up of calcium crystals, used for filling wrinkles, restoring facial volume, lifting volume and skin rejuvenation (long-term improvement of skin quality).

In the continuous expanding market of manufacturers and distributors of injectable implants, Juves Laboratories is distinguished by the fact that it monitors the entire product life-cycle management, from initial phase of the raw material production to final product obtaining and packaging into syringes.

Security and safety profile of SIMETRO

Simetro is produced in compliance with the highest international quality standards ISO9001 & ISO13485, GMP standards and is CE certified.

Product preparation is performed under high quality conditions, in sterile environment according to ISO 14644 and the assessment of the product biocompatibility is in compliance with guideline ISO 10933.

Is non allergenic, so there is no need of allergy testing before the treatment.

The risk of side effects and inflammation is limited thanks to our unique purification and sterilization process.

Due to high viscosity and elasticity of Simetro, it will stay in the injected area, being easy for modeling in the treated area.


Simetro is the newest dermal filler, based on calcium hydroxyapatite designed to restore the facial volume and to model the natural facial contour, having an immediate effect, but also long lasting. It provides in the same time a strong effect of skin rejuvenation.
It`s a completely biodegradable, biocompatible and slowly resorbable filler, but not permanent.

Except the instant volume effect, SIMETRO stimulates the skin’s natural process of collagen synthesis (neocollagenesis), thereby improving skin quality, which is a long term result.
The results are natural and last up to 2 years, depending on the quantity injected, patient age and skin quality.

Packing: ergonomic, precise, safe

It is presented in a luxury designed box with 1 graduated syringe of 1.25 ml.
The syringe is:

  • made from glass, for single use
  • latex free
  • low weight- easy to handle and control during injection
  • graduated for maximum precision and accurate reading of the injected volume
  • luerlock-there is no waste of product
  • ergonomic-with a special shape of the plunger rod and rotative finger grip, for the doctor`s maximum comfort during injection

It is to be injected deep-subcutaneously or into the deep dermis, using 27G needle/cannula.

What does Simetro contain?

Simetro is a semisolid injectable implant, homogeneous and non-pyrogenic
(prevents body temperature increasing) designed to be injected subcutaneously or into the deep dermis.


  • over 55% calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) in the form of microspheres of 25-45 microns diameter. CaHA is an own substance of the human body, that exists in bones structure and in dentine composition.
  • gel-matrix with high elasticity consisting of: sterile water, glycerin, carboxymethylcellulose and Phosphate buffer.

How does it work? (Mechanism of action)

  1. Immediately after injection, Simetro provides spectacular volume effect due to the gel-matrix and CAHA microspheres.
  2. CAHA microspheres form a “scaffold” (supporting network) and stimulate the fibroblasts growth to produce collagen, thus resulting new collagen fibers, that in 2-3 months exchange completely the gel-matrix.
  3. The new collagen fibers network provides support to the dermis, giving both lifting and skin rejuvenation effect (elasticity and strength) for long term.

CAHA microspheres are completely metabolized by macrophages, in fact after several weeks, only the newly formed collagen network remains, creating this way  a natural look.

Thanks to natural mechanism of wrinkles correction and due to volume and lifting effect, SIMETRO has become the favourite filler of a higher increasingly number of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic practitioners around the globe.

Treatment areas

Simetro is recommended for general volume general restoration and facial natural contour redefining:

  • filling of moderate to deep wrinkles and folds
  • modeling of cheeks, chin and jaw line
  • non-surgical nose remodeling etc.

Schema grafica – Treatment areas:

  • arch eyebrows
  • temple
  • bridge of the nose
  • cheekbone
  • nasolabial folds
  • marionette lines
  • voice  lift
  • oral commisures
  • jawline
  • chin/chin fold

SIMETRO advantage

  • Well tolerated by the body
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
  • Safe to use
  • Safe active ingredients obtained during rigorous scientific research regarding fillers
  • Volume and lifting immediate effect due to the elastic gel-matrix
  • Long lasting effect due to collagen stimulation
  • CE certified
  • Extensive clinical experience of aesthetician doctors involved in creating the product
  • Many years of clinical experience in using calcium hydroxyapatite in dental and bones implants