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The MIRACU My “MIRACLE Treatment” is a minimally invasive treatment with only a short recovery time that can shave years off your age without having to undergo major surgery or have visible scars. 

WHY MIRACU is the leading PDO Threads 

When introducing PDO threads into the skin there is an immediate improvement in appearance. After 10-14 days, begins the synthesis with body’s natural proteins (collagen and elastin). This process continues throughout the period of maintaining the threads in the body (up to 240 days). The resulting aesthetic effect persists typically up to 24 months.

Threads are inserted into the SMAS area of the skin.  Lifting is achieved with a barbed thread that anchors into the tissue as the needle is removed. Vectors are drawn onto the procedure area and this will allow the doctor to get the most appealing lift for each patient.

What is MIRACU PDO Threads

Based on our clinical observation, it was found that polydioxanone stimulates tissue Neocollagenesis the process, the protein are responsible for the tension and firmness in the skin. In addition, stimulation of fibroblasts results in the synthesis of the skin of elastin – the protein responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. In Vivo, it was also found that the effect of polydioxanone cause the synthesis of natural (endogenous) hyaluronic acid. Through this mechanism, the skin, in which we introduce a PDO thread becomes firmer, elastic and moisturized.


Patients can expect some discomfort, but is considerably minimal when the threads are inserted.  This usually is in the jaw-line where many nerve endings reside.  Some bruising may occur but is normal with injections. Also, Slight swelling can be expected when first completed, there is a 4-6week window as the threads “settle-in” and bind to the tissue.  

Overall PDO thread lifting is non-invasive, little to no downtime with results lasting from 12-24 months depending on location, age of patient and overall health of the skin.  
PDO threads are not FACE LIFTS, but rather gentle softening wrinkles and sagging of aging areas.