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E.A.S.T. is a micro – electrosurgical device that can be used for non-invasive surgery in the field of aesthetic
medicine. The device consists of a single body in plastic material and a metal needle that constitutes the
applied part in contact with the patient.

E.A.S.T. (Electrical Arc Sublimation Therapy) is indicated in the outpatient treatment of excellence to eliminate skin blemishes safely and comfortably.
Practical and handy tool with an innovative design, wireless, to be combined with the treatments performed with other devices present in the specialised clinics treating:


  • Correction of medium and light palpebral ptosis
  • Soft Lifting of excess skin
  • Cutaneous hyperchromia
  • Periumbilical Striae Distensae
  • Warts, nevi, keloids, fibroids, xantelasms, dyskeratosis
  • Concealing of scars

The carboxy therapy is a treatment that uses carbon dioxide administered through the skin and subcutaneous injection. It originates from the thermal medicine and the application starts about 30 years ago in France.  It is a safe treatment, with no toxic risk, absolutely indispensable for your health, beauty and physique.


The latest generation of easy-tech instruments for the micro-injection of medicinal carbon dioxide (CO²), administered either subcutaneously or intra-dermally.

  • Specialised Software for both standard and personalised programs
  • Feedback control with digital sensors for temperature, hyper and low pressure, filters and CO² distribution
  • Sterile internal reservoir
  • ‘N.P.S.’ (No-Pain System) A special pair of patented proportional valves controlled with an internal piloting micro-processor (guided by algorithms), controls the opening and therefore the amount and temperature of the gas in strict relationship with a co-efficient for the thermal expansion of the gas. Thanks to this, we can say that the system eliminates all pain during therapy.
  • Disposable tubes, with individual and sterile packaging without needles (needles 25-27-28-30G 13mm)
  • Instrumentation strictly adheres to current European regulation and Certified Medical Device CE 0068 class IIBF, Ministerial Health regulation BD/RDM 763147 – CND Z12040299 Authorized Certifying Institution.