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As an exclusive authorized agent of Medtronic Webinmed is an exclusive authorized partner for the RadioFrequency and Microwave ablation products. Webinmed’s specially trained personnel are present during the procedure and deliver assistance and provide the technical insight when it comes to the equipment used.

Leading Solutions for Thermal Ablation

For more than 40 years, Medtronic has been the world leader in designing and manufacturing advanced energy-based medical systems and accessories. These medical systems include Cool-tip™ radiofrequency ablation systems, the Evident™ microwave ablation system, and the new Emprint™ ablation system with Thermosphere™ technology.

Medtronic offers innovations in ablation technologies, supporting clinical efficacy, patient safety and procedural efficiency.

The Medtronic oncology solutions offer the choice of leading, clinically relevant technology for thermal ablation, and highlight our unique expertise in energy effects in tissue.

Improved Efficiency through Simultaneous Activation of Multiple Antennas

Evident™ MWA antennas are available for percutaneous/laparoscopic and open surgical use.

They are versatile and can be used in various applications including hepatic tumor ablation, planar coagulation prior to resection, or both.

Evident™ MW Ablation System

Improved versatility and procedural efficiency over RFA systems

The Evident™ ablation system uses microwave energy to create more time-efficient ablations, with less dependence on tissue and tissue temperature than radiofrequency ablation (RFA). This makes microwave energy less susceptible to radiofrequency impedance and perfusion.

Evident™ MWA antennas can be used alone or in clusters providing a variety of techniques for ablation of multiple and large, non-resectable, soft-tissue lesions.

RadioFrequency Ablation

For thermal ablation of soft-tissue tumors, we offer the Cool-tip™ RF ablation system E Series. The E Series improves on the trusted platform of the Cool-tip™ RFA system, preferred worldwide for its straight-needle design and maximum energy delivery, making it possible to create larger ablation zones in less time and with less charring than other RFA systems.

Cool-tip™ RF Ablation System E Series Electrodes & Accessories

Designed for versatility, flexibility, and patient safety. Cool-tip™ RF ablation system E Series* electrodes are preferred worldwide for their 17-gauge straight needle design with trocar-style tips allowing them to be inserted and positioned like biopsy needles.

An optional remote temperature probe allows real-time tissue monitoring for extra assurance of patient safety. Cool-tip™ RF Ablation System and Switching Controller

The Cool-tip™ RF ablation system is designed to address the need for an alternative to surgery when treating lesions.

Unique Cool-tip™ electrodes internally circulate chilled water, cooling the tissue adjacent to the exposed electrode to maximize energy deposition and eliminate tissue charring resulting in decreased treatment time and controlled ablation volume.

The Cool-tip™ RF ablation switching controller allows up to three electrodes to be used simultaneously to ablate larger volumes of tissue or create multiple, separate ablations in one cycle.

Cool-tip™ RF Ablation System Electrodes and Accessories

Designed for enhanced control and optimal energy delivery. Cool-tip™ RF ablation system electrodes are preferred worldwide for their 17-gauge straight trocar design, allowing for:

  • Accurate placement for enhanced control
  • Energy delivery only to the intended target
  • Easy insertion

Electrodes internally circulate chilled water to cool adjacent tissue. They are available in four lengths and four tip exposures for customized ablation sizes and the entire electrode can be seen with CT or ultrasound guidance.