The vision to provide the health professionals with the guidance and input when needed after the sale of a product is what differentiates us from any other agency in the field.

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Oncothermia, i. e. modulated-electro-hyperthermia for oncological use, is a fast developing supportive, complementary treatment method against different types of tumors. Oncothermia’s effect is synergic to radiotherapy and to numerous chemotherapies. Furthermore, it leads to an increased immunogenicity and effectively reduces the pain of the patient. Oncothermia achieves a permanent increase of the temperature in the extracellular liquid of the tumour tissue.

Due to the constant energy-supply, a temperature gradient (temperature drop) between the extra- and intracellular electrolytes develops until the thermal equilibrium is reached at the end of the therapy. This (in absolute numbers very low) temperature difference acts on the likewise small distance through the cellular membrane (from extra- to intracellular) and that leads to a destabilizing thermal stress on the membrane of the tumour cells, leading those into necrosis or apoptosis.  The operational principle and the technical standard of the products secure a leading role for Oncotherm Group on the market of hyperthermia devices.

Webinmed is a proud official seller of Onco-hyperthermia, a company that implements state-of-the-art equipment for the above procedures, and also be present during the procedure in question in order to orchestrate and provide the medical team the technical knowledge and possible assistance that is required.

Oncothermia has become one of the leading Hyperthermia-therapies in Europe.

More then 200.000 Oncothermia treatments are performed every year. The therapy is used for patients with different tumour diseases. 

When developing the devices the highest care is being taken in minimizing risks and using advantages because the treatment should be both effective and comfortable for the patient. The latest technical and scientific standards are being used in order to ensure the best possible result.